If you are an I/T pro and enjoy SNA you may enjoy the following
cross-polination of the two fields...

1) SNA of router/computer networks


2) This exploration/experiment of social network analysis applied to the
Pentagon's Accounting Systems:
    HTML:      [need Java 1.1 compatible

Jim \"GrimJim\" W Lai wrote:

> I've been lurking here for a brief while, so it's about time I introduced
> myself properly.  I'm an IT professional these days who still has a
> fondness for the research side of academia.  (I received a masters'
> degree from U Waterloo, in computer science, 10 years ago.  I've never
> published a paper, though I did complete a master's thesis.)  Among my
> interests, right now I am intrigued by the application of graph theory to
> modelling social networks and the construction of computer models thereto
> for simulation, in hopes of gaining insights into emergent patterns.
> My current toy/implementation language for this is Java, though I've
> also contemplated C++.
> GrimJim