See sample survey:

This page is *not* currently form-enabled, but one of my clients has a very
similar form with a Perl script that gathers the data and writes out a Link
file.  A Node file is created when we determine the survey population.  Follow
links at the bottom of the web page to see actual networks from data gathered
via this form.

My experience is that each organization that does many network analyses does
their own internal form on an intranet -- security and wording of intro and
questions.  I have not seen any copy-and-paste examples out on the WWW.

Also, make sure all of your participants can access the WWW and have an
up-to-date browser.  You would not believe how many organizations still do not
allow their employees out beyond the firewall -- they are limited to the
corporate intranet.  Many people still use version 3 and 4 browsers which do
not support the latest Javascript if you choose that route.

If you build something that you would like to share, especially if it creates
UCINet or Krackplot files, please post it on the INSNA site.

Good luck!


Stacy Wolski wrote:

> I am embarking on a study that requires the collection of social network
> data and I hope to use a web form.  Before I spend energy on developing such
> a form, I thought it best to tap into my available knowledge network to see
> if this has been done before.  I am very interested in seeing examples or
> even hearing your suggestions for how this may be done.
> Best,
> Stacy
> Stacy Wolski
> Ph.D. Candidate
> Department of Communication,
> The University of Arizona