I've been collecting bibliographies of network-related publications and
I am making a special section in Connections that will contain this kind of
material. I will also put this material on the web with a search utility similar
to the one that I used for the 2000 Sunbelt Abstracts.

To make this more useful, I am hereby inviting you to send me any bibliographies
that you have compiled and are willing to contribute to this effort. It would be
useful if the listings are organized in some way, perhaps by topic area, author,

Please send them to me, if you can, in WordPerfect format. If that is a problem,
ASCII, RTF, Star Office, WordStar, etc., etc., and (ugh) MSWord, are acceptable.
In any case, please keep formatting, such as line height, paragraph style, vertical
and horizontal adjustment, margin adjustments, letter spacing, indentations, etc.,
to an absolute minumum (i.e. none).

I will be using the format that Connections has used for all references sections
at the end of articles, which looks like this:

|Allen, Michael P. (1974). The structure of interorganizational Úlite
|cooptation: interlocking corporate directorates. American Sociological
|Review, 39, 393-406.
|Allen, Michael P. (1978). Economic Interest Groups and the Corporate
|Elite Structure. Social Science Quarterly, 58, 597-615.
|Allen, Michael P. (1982). The Identification of Interlock Groups in
|Large Corporate Networks: Convergent Validation using Divergent
|Techniques. Social Networks, 4, 349-366.
|Bahrahmi, H. and Evans, S. (1987). Stratocracy in high technology firms.
|California Management Review, 30(1) Fall:51-66.
|Barnard, Chester I. (1938). The Function of the Executive. Cambridge,
|Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, Seventeenth Printing, 1966.
|Bea, Franz X., E. Dichtl und M. Schweitzer (Hrsg.) (1990). Allgemeine
|Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Band 1: Grundfragen. Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer

I would greatly appreciate it if you would use this format, where each
entry begins with the author's family name, given name, the year (in
parentheses), and a period.

           Allen, Michael P. (1982).

Following this is the title of the article or book, volume and issue
numbers, page numbers, and for books, publisher: location of publisher.

           The Identification of Interlock Groups in Large Corporate
           Networks: Convergent Validation using Divergent Techniques.
           Social Networks, 4, 349-366.

If you use any different format, the conversion and editing will add
delays and may reduce the probability of your entry being included.

Also, I will br putting  the abstracts published in Connections into a
searchable database on the web as a service available to INSNA members.

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