Dear All,
Another Newbie asking for guidance I'm afraid.
I'm in the process of chasing up a copy of John Scott's 'Social Network
Analysis' as recommended by Barry so I'm hoping this will ease me into the
I do, however, have a couple of specific questions.

1. I have investigating a range of social, socio-technical & techno-economic
approaches all based on a common network epistemology. These include: Social
Network Analysis; Belief Networks; Civic Networking; Actor Network Theory;
Socio-Technical Systems theory; Sociograms; Sociometry; Techno-Economic
systems analysis; Agent based non-linear economics; Connectionism;
Constructive Technology Assessment; Real-Time technology Assessment and
Environmental Technology Assessment.
All these seem to share a common systems basis expressed network terms where
the network is wither static (network fixed but net-flows vary) evolutionary
(network and flows evolve over time) or co-evolutionary (network and flows
co-evolve with other interacting networks).
Has anybody mapped the relations between these fields or attempted a
synthesis (other than Farmer's 'A Rosetta Stone of Connectionism' which is
only a partial synthesis)? There certainly seems to be very little cross
citation between these areas in their respective literatures (although I'm
only just starting my reading in these fields).

2. Does anybody know of examples where SNA has been applied to sustainable
development processes (here I have in mind use of applied SNA in the attempt
to find developmental trajectories in socio-technical systems which
simultaneously increase social capital, economic vitality and ecological

3. Could anybody recommend texts which would help me use lessons from SNA to
design an effective European Union Thematic Network (again in the area of
sustainable built environments).

I am comfortable with either qualitative or quantitative approaches but find
modelling in the natural languages more flexible and useful in the formative
stages of conceptual development.

Any suggestions, leads or constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

With Thanks,


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