If you are looking for network data try  They have great
network data for books -- those interested in two mode nets can look at
books and authors.  For those interested in how networks change over
time mine the data on amazon's site weekly, monthly, etc. and you will
see different connections and different nodes emerge.  Amazon has data
available for both ego networks and larger group networks.

The key is in Amazon's 'people who bought this book also bought...'
data.   Put enough of these 'also bought' lists together and you have a
nice network.  For an example of book ego network see:

For those that have been wondering...

* Do Ron Burt's books span structural holes?
    - Start your data gathering here:

* Does Wayne Baker's book on Social Capital *have* social capital?
    - Start your data gathering here:

* Are Barry Wellman's books embedded in communities?
    - Start your data gathering here:

* Is Tom Valente's book in a position of diffusion?
    - Start your data gathering here:

Other 'interesting' questions that can be answered...
Which is the most central social network book?
Which SNA books are structurally equivalent?
Which SNA books form a clique?
What SNA emergent clusters have formed?
Which other 'communities of interest' is the SNA community connected to?

If anyone pursues these questions, please share your results with the
rest of us.



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