You might want to look at these papers as they are directly about the
interrelationship among trust, contracts, and economic exchange:

Bradach, J.L & Eccles, R.G. 1989. Price, authority, and trust: From
ideal types to plural forms. Annual Review of Sociology, 15: 97-118.

Husted, B.W. 1994. Transaction costs, norms, and social networks.
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New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Telser, L.G. 1980. A theory of self-enforcing agreements. Journal of
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Another highly relevant paper written for a sociological audience, but
containing similar arguments to Telser's:

Raubb, W. & Weesie, J. 1990. Reputation and efficiency in social
interactions: An example of network effects. American Journal of
Sociology, 96: 626-654.

Hope this helps.

Matej Cepl wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a lawyer, now getting to study for my PhD program on
> sociology and political science of law. When looking on the
> issues debated in this list, and other documents which have some
> relation with, it seems to me, that whole study of the social
> capital is oriented on the structure, organization, etc. and
> much less on the real effects of trust concerning the
> development of rules of human conduct (again, I am a lawyer),
> enforceability of contracts etc.
> Is anybody able to propose some recommended reading aside from
> the notorieties as Fukuyama's Trust, or books by Putnam?
>                         Thanks for any response
>                                                         Matej Cepl

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