I don't know if it is of interest for lawyers, but some literatures
available in English.

On TRUST, I recommend,

The following is social psychologically oriented literature but not much
related to network structure:
Toshio Yamagishi. 2001. "Trust as a Form of Social Intelligence"
Karen Cook (ed). Trust in Society

Based on above I wrote my dissertation:
Ryuhei Tsuji. 1999. Trusting Behavior in Prisoner's Dilemma: The Effects
of Social Networks. Dissertation submitted to UC Irvine.

More structurally oriented ones involving trust (especially effects of
reputation) are:
Foundations of Social Theory, by James Coleman -- certainly this one if
nothing else! (as Scott says)

Ronald Burt and Marc Knez. 1995. "Kinds of Third-Party Effects on Trust."
Rationality and Society.

Werner Raub and Jeroen Weesie. 1990. Reputation and Efficiency in Social
Interactions: An Example of Network Effects." AJS.

Further readings on this regard are:
Chris Snijders. 1996. Trust and Commitments. Dissertation submitted to ...,
but maybe available from ICS (Interuniversity Center for Social Science
Theory and Methodology).

Vincent Buskens. 1999. Social Networks and Trust. Dissertation submitted
to ..., but maybe available from ICS.

Hope you enjoy them.


Ryuhei Tsuji, Ph.D. (Instructor)
Department of Social Psychology
The University of Tokyo
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