I have done consulting work in post-merger integration.

One client used social network maps to track how well the post-merger
integration was going -- who was connecting and who was not, and who was
excluded vs. who was not.  As you know most mergers fail, not because of
financial or market issues, but because of cultural and human issues.  Social
network maps give us insight into what is happening in this area.  Just like a
doctor uses x-rays to track the healing of a broken bone, this client used
social network maps to track the integration of two firms.  One of the metrics
this client focused on was Krackhardt's E/I Ratio.  We also looked at the ego
networks [2 steps] of the top two tiers of management and other key managers.


Andrew Schenkel wrote:

> I am starting to examine mergers between companies through the use of social
> network theory and analysis.  I have done a search on ABI and the results
> were meager to say the least.  It would be great if people could provide me
> with references which would be suitable to understanding mergers from a
> social network perspective.
> Andy