Hi Pabir --
If you are interested in an historical treatment of the subject visit:
For a future book outline and bibliography visit:
Good luck,
Roland Werner
P.S. Do not forget University Microfilm for dissertation sources. Prof. Everett Rogers seems to have overlooked these in the massive bibliography in:
Rogers, Everett M. 1995. Diffusion of Innovation. 4th ed. New York: The Free Press.
My estimate is that there are at least 250 Ph.D. dissertations in the Social Sciences dealing with the subject since 1950. Many of these are excellent. Many of these authors never again contributed to the professional literature; one shot wonders. That does not however discount their intellectual contribution to Innovation Diffusion.
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prabir_gd wrote:

Hi Everybody,
I am planning to take up some work on "Innovation Diffusion". At the outset, could you please suggest me some basic books, references, websites, softwares  etc. for diffusion studies etc.


Prabir G. Dastidar
Principal Scientific Officer,
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS),
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