Dear Luis,
The following publications may help you in your research of Policy

Mokken, Robert J., Diane Payne, Frans N. Stokman, and Frans W. Wasseur
Decision context and policy effectuation: EU structural reform in
Ireland, Irish Political Studies 15: 39-61

Stokman, Frans N., Marcel A.L.M. van Assen, Jelle van der Knoop, and
Reinier C.H. van Oosten 2000
Strategic Decision Making, Advances in Group Processes 17: 131-153

The special issue on Policy Networks of the Journal of Theoretical
Politics with among other interesting contributions:
Stokman, F.N. and J. Berveling 1998
Dynamic modeling of policy networks in Amsterdam, Journal of Theoretical
Politics 10(4): 577-601

Torenvlied, R. (1996) Political Control of Implementation Agencies,
Rationality and Society 8, 25-56

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Frans N. Stokman (eds), 1994
European Community Decision Making: Models, Applications, and
Comparisons, New Haven: Yale University Press, 258 pp

The volume of Gwen Moore and J. Allen Whitt on the Political
Consequences of Social networks with among other interesting
Stokman, Frans N., and Jan M.M. Van den Bos, 1992
A Two-Stage Model of Policy Analysis. With An Empirical Test in The U.S.
Energy Policy Domain, Gwen Moore and J. Allen Whitt (eds), The Political
Consequences of Social Networks. Research in Politics and Society. Vol
4, Green-wich, Conn.: JAI Press, 219-253

and of course the important book of Laumann and Knoke:

Laumann E.O. and D. Knoke, The Organizational State, Madison: The
University of Wisconsin Press.

Best wishes
Frans Stokman

Luis Rull schreef:
> Hello everybody: I would like to ask for some fundamental papers or chapters about 'political networks' specially in the analysis of political processes or public policies. I already have some but it looks like I am trapped in a self-loop. (Or maybe I have already finish my snowball!)
> Any suggestion will be welcome, and I promise to send a copy of the final file to anyone who request it.
> Thank you,
> Luis
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>  Gratuito, latino y en espaņol.

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