Hello folks,

I, for one, have no respect for someone who uses the type of language that
JB displays on this professional conduit.  To disregard his remarks is to
condone them.  I do not accept his bizarre behavior and will continue to
be offended, even angry, when I read his comments.  He will not confuse me
with regard to what is proper and improper behavior in intellectual
discourse.  His behavior is disgraceful.  Not shocking, not sad; simply

J.B.'s language is vulgar, but there is no reason why intelligent people
should have to ignore it.  If we are truly a society that attempts to work
toward social civility, we need to recognize aberant behavior when we see it.

He has already diminished his professional standing with this group
beyond any level of repair.  He'll have to trust me on that.  I can only
imagine the shock and dismay experienced by some of the people he
has accosted on this listserve.  I'm not particularly sensitive, but I
greatly admire many who are.

Personally, I'd appreciate it if he would have the decency to disappear
from this list.  If not, at least apologize for the unbelievably crude and
semi-literate remarks, and then refrain from posting for a couple of
years until he is able to correspond like a gentleman.

I don't believe that it is within Guillermo's job description to cut J.B.
off.  And it is obvious that he is philosophically opposed to doing so.
That is something that is to be respected.  I, however, have no
compunctions about speaking my mind with respect to J.B.'s unacceptable
behavior, or anyone else's for that matter, who feels compelled to try
and drag this listserve down to the their level of brutish squacks and grunts.

I have learned so much from all of you on the LRNASST over the years, and
consider it an honor to be among you, albeit virtually.  Keep the
scholarly dialogue going, friends!  Honor, courage, and responsibility are
your riding partners.  This is truly a great society.  Our job as
citizens and educators is to see that it moves forward.  Not backward, and
certainly, not downward.  Forward, with conviction, decency, and a marked
propensity toward inquiry.

At least that's the way it seems to me.

Pat Schutz