Hello Laura,

Are you looking for LAC's where all of the services are situated in one
location?  If so, this reply may not be appropriate because our services are
offered in different locations around the main campus.  We don't have
a LAC, per se.   However, this info may be of tangential interest to your
students researchers.

Our Academic Services Department provides ancillary academic services in
the following areas:

Tutoring & Math lab
Educational Access Services (disability services)
Testing & Assessment
Academic Advising and Career Planning
Student Success courses.

Within those divisions, our undergraduate student assistants work at the
following jobs:

Peer tutor
Office assistant
Grader/faculty assistant
Student peer academic advisor
Career planning assistant
Test proctor
Peer mentor

All of these positions are paid and our present funding level is
appropriate to our needs.  Total student head count is about 5,400.

Hope this helps.

Pat Schutz
Mesa State College
Grand Junction, CO