Where the filter is depends upon which email system you are using. I use Netscape and
its Communicator. I found its filtering system by going to the help menu and selecting
filtering. It gave me very simple instructions on how to filter messages and delete any
message from Jack Berdeaux.  So far, I haven't received any more.

Filtering is a much better solution than removing ourselves from the system. There are
too many useful, productive, and relevant messages sent through LRNASST than to be
burdened by someone's sad sense of purpose.

Which mail system are you using?


Mind sharing?  I have looked for a filter and haven't found it.

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> From:         Dave Caverly
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> Sent:         Wednesday, September 19, 2001 11:25 AM
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> Subject:      Re: Very turned off
> Ron,
> Thanks for the hint on filtering.  I, too, set my filter to delete any
> message that comes from Jack Berdeaux.  Now, I don't have to fill up my
> mailbox with his railings, misspellings, and general irrelevant remarks
> he makes.
> Dave