Our tutors also grade papers and enter grade data into our computerized
gradebooks for the GTA. They assist (tutor) in classrooms with
computer-based instruction. I have one guy that cleans classrooms and the
Math Center. If I had the money I would have a tutor in every math class.
Since we only do developmental math here it is good to have lots of help
very readily available and identifiable people are an asset.

We serve the 939 freshman and 962 sophomores in the General College of the
University of Minnesota. Our Math Center has about 100 visits a day.

Brenda Tiefenbruck
Assistant Director Math Center
General College University of Minnesota
Appleby 9
128 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 626-7572
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Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 1:31 PM
Subject: LAC Questionnaire

> Hi Folks,
> Two of my students are presenting at the CRLA Institute B in a couple of
> weeks and they are in the process of doing research for their
> presentation.  They have asked me to poll the list with the following
> question:
> In addition to tutoring, what roles do/have undergraduate workers play(ed)
> in your Learning Assistance Center?  How has this worked?  If you had the
> resources to pay them, what other roles would you like to see your
> undergraduate workers play at yout center?  Please also include how many
> students attend your institution and how many student visits you have per
> year.
> Thank you.
> Please send replies to: [log in to unmask]
> And come to Institute B to find out the results!  (Actually I'll be glad
> to send the results to anyone who asks :-)