Marcy (and others who have been inconvenienced by my wayward typing),

I'm sorry the TraveLodge number did not work.  That's because I typed
the area code as 409 instead of 509.  I apologize.  All three hotels are
within a block of each other, so I should have located them within the
same telephone area code!

From my conversation with the DoubleTree folks the other day, I assume
the only rooms left in the entire hotel are the luxury suites, which are
not in our CRLA block and are more expensive than the rooms we've set
aside at the conference rate.  The DoubleTree staff were probably
receiving some cancellations of other guests because of recent crises
and suspected that if you called back tomorrow (Sunday) morning they
might have rooms in the $88 CRLA block for you.

I am very sorry for the frustration you've had.  Our contact at the
DoubleTree has indicated that the staff at Courtyard by Marriott and the
TraveLodge will be as accommodating as they can of our overflow crowd,
and it looks as though she is right about that.  I'm glad you have a
room for as many nights as you want to be in Spokane, Marcy, and trust
that everyone will be hospitably received in so beautiful a setting.

Karen Agee
CRLA President-Elect and 2001 Conference Chair