>Yes it should BUT what happens if the local chapter structure no longer
>The chapters could provide seminars on disaster planning and recovery during
>National Records and Information Management Week oops ! sorry I mean
>Strategic Information Management Week.

Mr Kurilecz raises some good issues here, as did Mr. Medina-

This is a quote from the 9/13 ARMA BBS Posting from Cyndy Launchbaugh:

"ARMA International has offered our services to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which has added us to their list of resources. Any organization needing assistance will contact headquarters."

Which manke ME wonder why they weren't contacted when this Task Force was formed?

I mean, she SAYS they were added to the list of resources, but they weren't contacted when the work began?

What does this indicate about ARMA's ability to raise the level of interest in the Profession to Senior Management when thy get their name right in front of FEMA and they STILL aren't invited to the table??

As for the Chapter issue- well, we've all seen the level of support Chapters get and the level of concern ARMA has about the value the Chapters add to the Association.  No matter how much feedback there is from members that the Chapters and ISGs are their best source of value from ARMA, they still pour thier efforts towards the Regions and to some initiative that they obbviously can't sell when they can't sell themselves.

From that same message to the BBS, Ms. Launchbaugh says:

"Many of our members are ready to help however they can, including with the salvaging of records. ARMA International has been in close contact with one of our members whose company had thousands of employees in the World Trade Center..."

From a recent posting on the Chapter President's BBS, this doesn't EXACTLY seem to be accurate.  It appears that the Metro NYC Chapter has a wide number of members it has been unable to contact and they have lost access to the mail drop used for the Chapter. The DC Chapter seems to be doing more when it comes to offering assistance to the Metro NYC Chapter than International HQ and Staff have.

Maybe it's time for an update, HQ?  Maybe it's time for Chapters to become more active between themselves as a manner of keeping abreast on what's going on rather than relying on HQ and Staff to do anything for them.

How about setting up a network of "Sister Chapters" like sister cities, a method of sharing information between two Chapters in widely divided locations to support each other, through regular contact and resource sharing? Not necessarily within your Region, but outside of it!

A large number of Chapters could try and get together before or after on of the Town Hall meetings and have an ad-hoc meeting to set up a network, Chapter Presidents could exchange business cards at random and set up an informal "sister Chapter" network and then report back after the Conference who you're teamed up with.

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