Good day - Julie Pinney with the City of Olympia Public Works Records &
Information Section here, with a request for your help.

We are conducting an informal salary survey, and are hoping we can find
other positions out there that are similar to ours - but I'm not sure we're
strictly "records people".  If any of the following functions sound like
anything in your job description, I will appreciate your off-list response
giving your job title, description and salary range information.

Here's more or less what we do:

                -       For both Public Works and Community Planning &
Development, preparation of files, plans, mylars and miscellaneous documents
for microfilming, including maintenance of an indexing database.  Scheduling
and coordination of filming projects.

                -       Maintenance of the City's address database (HTE/LX),
used by Community Planning & Development (for permits), Utility Billing, and
Occupational Licensing.  Daily updates of ownership and land information.

                -       Addressing of new plats and development within the
City, as well as changes to existing addresses when necessary.

                -       Researching records on film, maps and in archives
for City staff and general public.

                -       Preparing, tracking and recording legal documents
(easements, bills of sale, deeds, agreements, etc.) related to City projects
and permits.

                -       Current file management for Community Planning &
Development, including labeling/creating new files, tracking, storage, and

                -       Storage, access and maintenance of project files,
plans, microfilm and utility asbuilt drawings in archives.

                -       General administration of the records program,
including development of work plans and procedures, with a $200,000 annual

If you do ANYTHING similar to the above, please let me know!  Thanks for
your help.

Julie A. Pinney
Records Specialist
City of Olympia Public Works
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