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An excellent way to get the training is to enroll them
in our Records and Information Management Specialist
Certificate, which is 5 3-credit courses all about
records and information management.  A lot of
companies have enrolled all of their RIM employees in
the courses.

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--- Brenda Seifert <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Training is a big issues when it comes to
> non-records personnel.  I have
> found that out the hard way in the past few months.
> Most of them just want
> to know where they can go to find records
> information.  We have had a
> website for several years and have been currently
> updating it and letting
> people know its out there.  When they call with a
> question we answer it and
> then let them know that in the future our website is
> a great place to go for
> addition information.  That seems to be working
> rather well.  In the past
> two years we have gone from the Department that just
> holds on to everyone's
> things and this is not just records to the Records
> Department.  This was
> done by setting up meetings with Department heads
> and working from there.
> We have also started a records management task force
> that has enlightened
> many people on what is and what is not a record.
> With in our task force we
> had 2 to 5 people per business units on the Task
> Force team and then each of
> the Business Units started creating their own BU
> specific task force for
> records.  We made sure to let them all know that we
> are here to help.  One
> thing that worked really well for most departments
> was to give them a
> Pamphlet of information that says who to contact for
> records and how to
> manage their records at their desk.  We were amazed
> at how many responses we
> got back for additional information.  I would like
> to thank the people from
> the list serve that gave me the pamphlet idea and
> ideas of what information
> to include. It showed me exactly how helpful the
> List serve really is.  Once
> we received the requests for additional information
> we then sent them to our
> website.  The major problem that we had was that no
> one knew where to get
> the information that they needed.  We are working
> very closely with our
> Corporate Office at the time being and then going
> out to our other
> locations.  We have had several calls from people
> out side of the corporate
> location that have started talking to us because the
> office knows who to
> contact now.  The Subsidiaries and Field personnel
> have expressed that it is
> a training issue.  When we actually sat down and
> reviewed the information we
> had received we realized that it was not necessarily
> a training issue but a
> lack of information and where to find it.  We do not
> include any of this
> information with orientation at the time being but
> are looking into it.  I
> also work with the orientation group for new
> employees and we have found
> that the first day is always a stressful day for new
> employees and many of
> them end up with Information Overload by the end of
> the day.  I would
> suggest that if it is possible wait a day or even a
> week and then get them
> in for training.  I hope this helps but if you would
> like to see any of the
> information I have put together or any of the
> information I have received
> from others on the list serve just send me an e-mail
> off of the list serve
> and I will send it directly to you.
> Thanks,
> Brenda Seifert
> Records Center Supervisor
> Schwans Sales Enterprises
> 1-507-537-8900 Ext. 2432
> Fax 1-507-537-8225
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> From: Severin, Kate
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> Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 9:21 AM
> To: [log in to unmask]
> Subject: Training
> Hi.
> I'm interested in any process or, perhaps, manual
> which you, in your
> companies, use to train not records management staff
> but the staff in the
> companies or agencies for which you work.  We have a
> new employee
> orientation and the person who presents for records
> management also does
> recycling and other work related stuff such as where
> to get bus schedules
> and so forth.  I think the attorney on staff with
> the department to handle
> data practices activities presents about data
> practices.  This is all done
> as part of a one-day orientation that covers the
> functions of the department
> and some information about state employment in
> general.  Not much time here
> and so staff have to be trained in their work unit.
> I'm not sure about how
> effective that is because most people I talk to here
> don't have a clue about
> records management.
> So, do any of you have suggestions on how to
> overcome this lack that I could
> incorporate into new employee orientation or give to
> directors/managers/supervisors to help them train
> their staff.
> Thanks.
> Kate Severin
> Records Manager
> MN Department of Human Services
> 444 Lafayette Road
> Mail Code 3806
> Saint Paul, MN 55105
> Phone:  651-296-8446
> FAX:  651-297-2055
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