A Photographic Guide To Birds of Southern Florida incding The Everglades,
The Keys, Sanibel and Captiva Islands. G. Michael Flieg and Allan Sander.
Ralph Curtis Publishing, Inc.,Sanibel Island, FL. 2001

This newly released addition to this remarkable series of truly pocket
sized guides (4" by 71/2") easily fits into a shirt pocket. This series
covers different classes of invertebrates in areas all over the world.

The book, including a map of hot spots, covers only southern Florida with
about 250 species represented by 335 full color photographs. There have
been over 400 species observed in southern Florida. Approximately 350 are
native, naturalized, and self-supporting through introductions, or reach
the region  on a regular basis. This guide covers those species most
likely to be encountered by a birdwatcher. One thing I regret is that the
coverage of exotic parrots and parakeets is light. Everything is a trade
off with a book of this size. Just make sure you have "backup" in the car
when in Miami. However, I might state that once we reached this section of
the book, Clancy, My Quaker Parrot companion (Monk Paraqueet) gave the
book a big thumbs down. Go fiqure, he is a bird-brain anyhow.

The book has a nice section for the newcomer on the birding habitats of
subtropical south Florida. A section I like was the "where to go" area
including a map. As the authors state this book should have Bill Pranty's
book as a companion. I would recomend also having at least one of the
major eastern field guides in the car as a reference. Of course I carry
about a dozen titles in the back seat area (some people just can't make up
their mind). This book is best intended for the beginning birder or

With this in mind there is a rather nice glossary and a barely adequate
"Further Reading section" section. With its many ecosystems southern
Florida and the Keys, a mixture of subtropical flora with basically a
temperate fauna, offers the visitor many unique experiences. It is truly a
paradise. Maybe this book can help you interpret part of it.

This book is available from:

Ralp Curtis Books
PO Box, 349, Sanibel, FL 33957-0349
Ph: (941) 454-0010
Fax: (941) 395-2727

He will be at the FOS Meeting in Ft. Meyers next weekend (see the Nature
Potpourri Calender for details). Ralph has generous discounts for

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
Owner RJP Asssociates

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
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 "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
                       --William Shakespeare

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