Hi Birders,

I have come out of retirement and working now so I have
been getting behind on a few sightings I have had in
recent days.

Last Friday, Sept 28, I saw a Swamp Sparrow at the Ponce
Inlet Park, my first for this fall.  I also went out
to "Dog Island" which is off limits to all other than
employees of the construction company working there (of
which I am luckily).  I found 9 Piping Plovers, 2
Semipalmated Plovers, one Wilson's Plover (in a
different area), a Bluegray Gnatcatcher and a Loggerhead
Shrike.  THe Shrike appears to have set up a little
territory for himself as he was right where I left him
Aug. 31.

Yesterday, about 5:15 PM I found a Yellow-billed Cuckoo
sitting on a wire along S. Peninsula Drive about 1/2 mi
North of Dunlawton Bridge, on the beachside of the

Also, a I banded (under Master Bander Richard Poole, so
no one thinks I am doing something I ought not to be!) a
Hooded Warbler female.  This was a nice surprise!!!

Off to work.  Later...and good birding to those of you
who are out there right now.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach

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