I promise to control my out-of-control alter-ego, and restrain my propensity
to try and hyphenate as many words as possible, regardless of
over-burdensome grammar rules and such. Oh-oh, it's happening again....

Alas, my computer is still being resuscitated. The tech-dude was quite
amazed at my ability to corrupt files and keep the thing running as long as
I did! Well, that's a story for another day (and on another listserv!! ;).
If you see me out birding, turn and go the other way so you don't have to
hear it!

Sounds like I could be back up and running by early next week, so I expect
you will be spared these non-sensical, non-birding posts, as I will change
back to Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Peter Parker and get that RBA back in action!


Charlie Ewell
Cape Coral, FL
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