I spent the day corresponding with a Canadian sparrow expert about the
potential Cassin's Sparrow I reported yesterday.

To summarize:

Right off the bat he eliminated Bachman's Sparrow from consideration.
Several people suggested Grasshopper Sparrow, but the post-ocular plumage,
and length and shape of tail eliminated that species as well.  After a
series of communications, we settled on Cassin's Sparrow as the most likely

I looked for the bird several times today, but it was in a high traffic
area, and the band was doing something in the that area last evening.
Bottom line, I couldn't find it again.  That doesn't necessarily mean it is
no longer around.  It may be worth looking in the bushes around the
buildings in this part of campus (across from Bill's Bookstore on Copeland,
behind the Psychology Building).

Does anyone know to whom I might submit my documentation for official
consideration.  Someone said that this species has not previously
documented in Florida.

Thanks to all who gave their opinions.  It is heartening to know how many
dedicated birders there are out there.

Have fun,

Tom Curtis
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