Just a note to add to John's post about the LaSagra's Flycatcher (a lifer
for me too!) at A.D. Barnes Park:

Later in the PM, after John left, Vince McGrath, Bruce Purdy, Mickey
Wheeler and me refound the bird near the same general area where we had
seen it in the AM. The bird can best be found by its call which is a bit
"higher" than the "weep" of a Great Crested's. At least that's how it
sounds to me. The bird is very active and does not sit still for very
long. Whether this is do to the strong winds today or the ambient noise
of the park goers etc., I don't know.

I also located a Whippoorwill sleeping in one of the oaks near where the
LaSagra's was being seen. Mickey photographed it. We had a total of 8
warbler species for the park -- far fewer than just a week ago. We also
had a Cooper's Hawk, 2 Sharp-shinned and a Broad-winged in the park
today. Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Eastern Wood-Pewee,
Eastern Phoebe etc. rounded out the bird list.

Later we visited Castellow Hammock Park and saw the pair of Rufous
Hummers that continues at this location. There was a Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker and Ruby-throated Hummer at the park as well. Mary Krome Park
in Homestead held what was a probable Orange-crowned Warbler. Many Tree
Swallows have arrived along the eastern boundaries of Everglades N.P. and
there were a good number of Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs along the flooded
fields around the Homestead Airport.

Lastly, we had three Snail Kites at the usual site near the Everglades
Tower Inn near the Micosukee Indian Reservation/Shark Valley site on US
Rte. 41. An excellent day of birding and a VERY GOOD weekend!

Good birding!

Vincent Lucas

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