Hello folks:

-I'm curious if someone could recommend a good campground that's birdable
near Titusville.  I'm heading up there for the Birding Festival and the
pelagic trip!
-I saw an empid at Indigenous park (Key West) that is giving me problems
here's the lowdown from my notes:

white eyering
two white wingbars
narrow tail regularly twitched
dark upper mandible
entirely yellow lower mandible
olive/green back
distinct yellow wash from chin to undertail coverts, but
breast dusky
call a clear musical "chueeep"
Is this a Yellow bellied Flycatcher?

I've seen Acadian's and Least's this fall... all the Acadian's had a slight
yellow hue on the chin but not nearly as prominent as this bird, and the
Least's had a clear white chin that contrasted sharply with the malar and
gray back.  Additionally, it seemed like these latter species regularly had
tawny wing bars and not white.

Thanks for any help on both issues.

C.K. Borg
Big Pine Key, Florida
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