Hi all,

First, thanks to everybody who responded to my Ruby-throat/Black-chin ID
question. The video was inconclusive, so the hummer gots the last laugh,
when he stuck his tongue out at the camera...

Went to a number of locations in Wakulla and Leon Counties today, and found
a few good birds, and a couple of great ones...

The bird of the day was the WARBLING VIREO at Lake Jackson Mounds State
Park. I very carefully considered Philadelphia Vireo, but the bird's
underparts color was a much better match for Warbling. The bird was in the
trees at the top of the boardwalk to the top of the "main" mound. Also at
this location were a male AMERICAN REDSTART a MAGNOLIA WARBLER, and my
first-of-the-season YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER. (They're baaaaaaack!)

Other highlights of the day were an EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE and HOODED WARBLER on
Cutoff Road near Shell Point, and a SWAMP SPARROW on Wakulla Beach Road.

Finally, do Black-billed Cuckoos call during migration? I heard a
suspicially cuckoo-sounding call while at Lake Jackson Mounds, but I can't
be 100% sure...

The day's bird lists...
*A.O.U. Order *GOOD BIRDS in Bold
Lake Jackson Mounds State Park
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida
Red-shouldered Hawk (1)
Red-bellied Woodpecker (several)
White-eyed Vireo (heard only)
Blue Jay (lots)
Carolina Chickadee (2+)
Tufted Titmouse (1)
Northern Mockingbird (1)
Northern Cardinal (2)
Saint Marks NWR, Wakulla Unit (Cutoff Road, Live Oak Island Road, and
Wakulla Beach Road)
Wakulla County, Florida
Great Blue Heron (Live Oak Island Road)
Tricolored Heron (Live Oak Island Road)
Turkey Vulture (Live Oak Island Road)
Osprey (2+, Live Oak Island Road)
Willet (Wakulla Beach Road)
Laughing Gull (Live Oak Island Road)
Northern Mockingbird (L.O.I and W.B. Roads)
HOODED WARBLER (1, Cutoff Road)
SWAMP SPARROW (1, Wakulla Beach Road)
Northern Cardinal (Cutoff Road)
Boat-tailed Grackle (Wakulla Beach Road)

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it"
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