Several groups of birders have tried to find Sabine's with no luck yet.
I was out there at noon but could not find it.
If you are coming to look for it I would suggest only trying from 1 hour
before till 1 hour after the daily mean low tide. At that time all the
gulls, terns, and other birds settle down on the mud flats out in front
of the small beach on Green Key. There were again about 400 birds on the
flats at lunch today, but no Sabine's.

FYI tide schedule at Green Key for the next couple of days shows the
following mean low tide;
Tue 10/9 - 12:27pm
Wed 10/10 - 1:57pm
Thu 10/11 - 3:22pm
Fri 10/12 - 4:29pm
Sat 10/13 - 5:23pm
Sun 10/14 - 6:08pm

Good Luck

Ken Tracey     [log in to unmask]
New Port Richey, FL
West Pasco Audubon Society
Bird Watching In West Pasco

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