Hi all,

I had to work this weekend, but it did net a year bird.  When we work
weekends (rotation every eight weeks) we are allowed to spend a little time
birding.  I was out yesterday early and found about 10 species of warblers
as well as both buntings, Blue grosbeak, and Summer tanager.  This morning I
had less warblers total, but I did get a Bay-breasted.  That was one of the
"locks" that I figured I would get for sure this year.  The Golden-winged is
the only other that I am missing.  The window for Golden-winged is closing,
but I have a few days off this week.  I worked 40 hours in the last three
days, so I have to wait for the next work week (Friday) before I can work
again.  I had thought of making a run at the keys or the panhandle, but
after 40 hours in three days, that would seem suicidal.  I will probably be
more local, with a run at Miami and PB County at some point.

I have a couple of stories in my head that I have yet to type.  I may get
them next week, or maybe you'll just have to wait for the book.  For now, I
must bird on.

David Simpson
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Sebastian, FL

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