I agree with your sentiments regarding the hours whole-heartedly and we
birders can certainly try to move the slow, heavy wheels of government. But
I'm not sure they will weigh the importance that we voice of being able to
watch birds a little earlier in the day on quite the same par as the
importance of national and KSC security.

My own personal opinion, not based on anything more than speculation, as to
why non-badged personnel are not let out to the Refuge and National Seashore
until 10am is so that the regular employees (i.e. badged personnel) can get
to work in as efficient a manner as possible. I'm sure security would not
want to have to deal with badged and non-badged personnel traveling in at the
same time. It's a control thing.

Maybe we could get them to bend a little on the weekends when the work force
overall is less.

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL

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