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> spotting scope?  I feel most people buy them because

I strongly disagree with that statement. I find most people I know bought
their scope after observing greater detail on birds at relatively close range
through someone else's scope than they could discern with their hand hel
binoculars. I do feel however that mcuh of the benefit of a scope comes from
the fact that they are usually mounted on a tripod.

I bought my first scope to use at a shooting range to see bullet holes in a
target. I bought my Kowa TSN 824 after useing one somebody else had set up on
a bird I couldn't even see with my own scope. But I get the greatest pleasure
useing it on birds much closer.

As to atmospheric distortion, yes it does exist at great distances but I use
my scope much more at close range to study details on a bird which I can't
see with my hand held binocs than I do on distant birds. Are high power
binocs better than a scope. Only if they are of equal power and quality.
Cheap high power binoculars are useless because they lack the ruggedness to
stay colimnated. Spend very many minutes looking thru high power binocs that
are even slightly out of alignment and you'll soon have the worst case of eye
strain you've ever known. Two scopes (binocs) are also twice as heavy as one
scope with equal specs.

Charlie Everly
Sarasota, FL
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