Hey everyone- I just thought I'd post the link to birdsource, your one-stop-rapter-spot for count station results including the count at Curry Hammock State Park on Grassy Key (Mile marker 57).
Just select the appropriate count station from the dropdown list on the webpage.

I just returned from two days with the Motley Crew and I can tell you that the raptors are moving through the Keys this week! The past three days have been sharpie-city with the multiple day total reaching ~1,700. Peregrines are still coming through, but it looks as if the majority of them may have passed early this year. As of 12:00 noon today Casey had caught 1 Cooper's hawk and 2 N. harriers- SO COOL IN THE HAND!!!!!

We almost had several other birds- including three Short-tailed Hawks (2 light-morph adults, and one imm. Dark morph), several peregrines, a coops and a sharpie...even missing the capture provides for a fantastic show of aeronautics!

Yesterday we were on Boot Key and found a banded juv. Broadwinged Hawk...since Casey's crew hasn't banded a juv. this year- the bird we saw was most probably banded somewhere out of Florida. Unfortunately we couldn't get close enough to read the band number, and it didn't respond to our roadside trapping efforts....oh well, we're wishing it the best in its travels. On the topic of Broadwings- yesterday's morning winds kept the birds low, providing great views of the couple hundred broadies...and a spectacular sight was the whole group of them kettling at about 3:30pm on Boot Key before they headed back north...I guess they'll try and cross the 7-mile bridge on a day with better flight conditions.

Several Swainson's hawks were also seen yesterday....the Buteos are HERE!

I hope you can all get a chance to visit the Crew- it's well worth the trip.

David La Puma
Miami, FL

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