Here's the latest report from Ken Meyer on the Swallow-tailed Kite tagged
with a telemetry transmitter this past summer at Orlando Wetlands Park.
Please do not reproduce any of this info on any other birding lists without
Ken's permission.


Cheri Pierce/Apopka
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OWP, like her two colleagues, has pretty much hunkered down.  She moved from
northern Peru into Brazil around 9 Oct and has been inching her way
southeastward since.  Still in extreme northwestern Brazil, farther north
than the northernmost of our known wintering sites.  The other two birds are
farther south, one in eastern Bolivia (a new place) and the other in eastern
Paraguay (also new) at a more southerly latitude than any of our previously
tagged birds (but not by much - mostly farther west).

These solar-powered satellite transmitters give us much more and better data
than the battery powered ones we used prior to last year, so I expect we'll
be learning some new things.

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