On two different occasions  we have had a banded Painted Bunting stay in
our yard for weeks - from Feb/2000 to April/2000 and then it returned on
Thanksgiving day 2000 - staying until early April/2001.  We also had
8-10 unbanded birds.  We live west of  West Palm Beach, about 10 miles
north of Lion Country Safari.  The bird was banded by Paul Sykes Jr.,
with the Biological Resources Division of the US Geological Survey
(USGS) Patuxent Wildlife Reasearch Center-Athens located on the campus
of the University of Georgia.  He is conducting studies of the Atlantic
Coast population of the Painted Bunting.  Each marked bunting will have
4 bands - 2 on each leg in a unique combination.  Three of the bands are
colored and one is silver.  We had to use a scope to identify the colors
and then waited for a form from Mr. Sykes that showed the actual colors
since they can be so subjective.(Hot pink vs. lavender).

"Our" bird was banded as an immature (hatch year bird) of unknown sex on
8/25/99 on the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, Wassaw Island, Chatham
County, GA (just south of Savannah).  If anyone is interested, I have a
fuzzy picture I can post.

To report a banded bird, note color combination (ours is dark blue over
yellow-right leg/ dark pink over silver-left leg), date, location and
advise Paul Sykes at 706-542-1237 or mail info to him at USGS Patuxent
Wildlife Research Center, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA

We're hoping the bird shows up again this year.  So far we've had one
unbanded male, but he was just passing through.

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