Hi Folks,

I'm too tired to make one of my usual ramblings, so I'll just go over the
itinerary and the highlights.

Monday Oct 15, 2001

Jungle Trail - Clay-colored sparrow, lots of Indigo buntings, one Blue
grosbeak, several warblers.
Sebastian Inlet north side - Juvenile Clay-colored sparrow, More warblers.
Sebastian Inlet hammock near marina - warblers
Maritime Hammock Preserve (north of Floridana Beach along A1A) Several Cape
May warblers
Viera - Diddly (not Bo)
Lori Wilson Park - Five species of warblers in the hammock, five in the
undeveloped lot north of the park.  Highlights were Blackpoll, and my first
Orange-crowned (complete with orange crown) in the birdbath.  Also FOY
Chipping sparrow in the north parking lot.
Jetty Park - Both buntings (Painted and Indigo) more warblers.  Lots of
gulls roosting where I could not get to them on the north side of the port.
Mom and Dad's house - Grandmother, supper.

Tuesday Oct 16, 2001

Lighthouse Point Park and vicinity - Chipping sparrow.  Yellow-rumped
warbler, ughh!  Both buntings (Painted and Indigo)  Wood thrush.  Hundreds
of gulls and terns at first light.  Five lesser black-backed gulls on the
beach north of the pier:  Adult -1 2nd year - 1 1st year -3.
North end of Canaveral National Seashore
Eldora and Eldora hammock - Several warblers including Hooded, Worm-eating.
Both buntings.
Castle Windy Trail - 10 species of warblers.  Painted buntings.
Boat launch across from Parking area 5 - Clay-colored sparrow.  This is the
third time I have seen one here this fall.
Beach at Parking area 5 - Lunch, three winky birds.
Canaveral National Seashore near Oak Hill - many more warblers including
Pine (new for the trip.)
MINWR Hammock Trails - Warblers.  FOY Yellow-bellied sapsucker.
Titusville causeway - a few shorebirds including SB Dowitcher, Least
sandpiper and turnstone.
Manatee Hammock - Yellow-throated warbler, Pine warbler, campers.
Mom and Dad's - Lots of food.
Home - Sleep.

Wednesday  October 17, 2001

Matheson Hammock Park - Wood thrush, 20 Indian Hill mynahs, Dark morph
Short-tailed hawk, Wilson's warbler, eight species of warblers.
Bill Baggs SP - Lots of warblers around at first.  Great look at a
Black-throated green just 10 feet away.  YB Cuckoo.  Several hawks flying
A.D. Barnes Park - More warblers.  Black-throated green.  Jill Rosenfield.
Nashville warbler that Jill saw.  I saw it fly away.  After Jill left, I
went back to try again and saw a Swainson's warbler instead.  It was
probably the same one she had seen on the other side of the park two days
ago.  I also saw Rose-breasted grosbeak as one female settled in for the

Thursday October 18, 2001

Dragging, must get rest.  Have to find birds.
Matheson Hammock Park - some of the same birds.  No hawk or thrush.
Bill Baggs SP - Not a whole lot to see.
Wally's House of Rarities (Hugh Taylor Birch SP) - Painted buntings, some
warblers, seriously dragging at this point.
Lauderdale by the Sea- Nice pier, too tired to sit in the rain and look for
Heading for home
Let's check Spanish River Park - Holey cow, lots of birds!  Too late to see
them well.  Big flock of warblers in the Australian pines.  Yellow-rumped,
Palm, Redstart.  There were no Black-throated blues.  This was the first
time in four days that I saw a flock of warblers (other than Palm) that had
no BTB's.  Lots of Painted buntings and a couple Rose-breasted grosbeaks.
Cracker Barrel - Chicken (not countable, no pulse) and dumplings.
Home - must prepare for work.

26 species of warblers in the last 6 days.

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Sebastian, FL

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