Hi folks,

I could use a little help in my Big Year quest.  Perhaps I should not be so
secretive about my plans for trips.  I hit A.D. Barnes Park one day and the
next day Jill finds a Western Tanager.  I hit Spanish River several times
this year and Brian finds a Bell's vireo just days after my last visit.  I
plan a trip to the panhandle and the week before Alan finds a Golden eagle,
Jack has a Black-headed grosbeak at his feeder and a Groove-billed ani is
reported.  What did I find?  Nashville warbler at Bonsteel Park.  A Purple
sandpiper, Piping plover, and 18 Lesser black-backed gulls at Jetty Park
last Sunday.  Wood thrush at Turkey Creek Sanctuary, my third this fall.  I
sure am glad I made that second trip to Tallahassee to get that this summer.
Lots of Indigo and painted buntings and Blue grosbeaks.  Caracaras in a few
spots.  No year birds.  Perhaps I should post my intended schedule so that
people can know when to find good birds and where.  For now, I am planning a
five day excursion to the panhandle starting Saturday.  I will also be
hitting the panhandle the week before thanksgiving, the week after
Thanksgiving, and maybe the week before Christmas.  The middle of December
is set aside for Jacksonville, Roger, I need Iceland gull, Snow bunting,
Horned lark, Kittiwake, and Saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow.  I had to throw
in an easy one.  About the second weekend in December I plan to follow
Bryant down Snake Bight Trail so that the Flamingos won't know that I am
coming and won't fly away.  The last two days of the year are open, so make
me an offer.

I am still at 349 for now, so close yet so far.  I should go over the top on
this trip to North Florida, but who knows, with my phenomenal luck I may
lose species.

David Simpson
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Sebastian, FL

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