Hi all,

decided to check out Black Point Wildlife Drive around lunchtime today. The
water levels are quite high but there was still an abundance of white ibis
and various herons and egrets including reddish. There were a few shorebirds
namely willet, least sandpipers, semi-palmated plovers, and a possible flock
of dowitchers out from about #5. A bit too far for my binocs to make out but
the feeding behavior seemed to be that sewing machine pattern.

Around #6 on the straight-away was flock of ducks coming in for a landing
with noticeable white wing marks on some of them. Once on the water, I
noticed white face blazes and a small white patch toward the rear on the
bird's flank. A couple turned just so and the sun hit the green in the face
for an instant. First Am. Widgeons I've seen this season. There may even have
been some other type of duck with them, like possibly a couple of Pintails,
but just too far to really be sure.

There were also 2 solitary white pelicans.

Cocoa, FL

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