Everybody should go right now and sign up on!!! Today I picked up David Krause, visiting from Vancouver BC, from his hotel on Miami Beach to give him a tour of some local migrant traps. I decided to check out some of my CBC sites as Iíve never seen them during times of the year when they should be most productive. Needless to say...we were not let down! We birded Enchanted Forest park and Arch Creek park in the Miami Shores area (Biscayne & NW 135th street) throughout the morning and came up with  14 spp. of warblers.  Itís so much fun showing a guest-from-the-west some of our local birds and getting to trade stories about fun times in the field. This is the second person Iíve gone birding with through the website- and Itís been so much fun I just had to give them a plug! GO SIGN UP NOW!

Anyone in the North Miami area should give these parks a look while migration is in full swing- thereís great diversity in habitat and very open making it easy to find birds.

Hereís the Wahblah list:
Black-throated Blue
Am. Redstart
Hooded (beautiful male, in the out-of-place cypress trees, in the middle of Enchanted Forest Park...go figure!)
N. Parula
Blackpoll (1st fall)
Black-throated Green (1st fall female)
BAY-BREASTED (1st fall fun fun confusing fall warbler!!!!)
Common Yellowthroat


David La Puma
Graduate Research : Conservation Biology
Florida International University
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