Most of you, I think, already know the QuébecOiseaux quizzes. Many have
participating in those plays aiming to help birders to improve their skills
for bird indentification while having fun. For those for whom our quizzes
will be something new, let me say that all what you have to do is
identifying a mystery bird from a photography you can find on our website
(or in our magazine) and to send me your answer. And, for a more interesting
challenge, some prizes are drawn among those who send the right

Before introducing the new quiz (no. 20), I want to congratulate all those
who have identified correctly the female Brown-headed Cowbird which was our
previous mystery bird (no. 19). That has not been evident for everybody as
we can see from the variety of suggested identifications : Brown-headed
Cowbird, Indigo Bunting, House Finch, American Goldfinch, Yellow-headed
Blackbird, Bobolink, House Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, California Towhee,
Rosy-finch, Pine Grosbeak, White-collared Seedeater, Gray Jay, Eastern
Bluebird, Rough-winged Swallow, Nashville Warbler and Common Yellowrhroat
(the female or juvenile for many of them). A detailed text about the
identification of that bird is in the Fall issue of QuébecOiseaux. The
one-year subscriptions to the magazine have been won by Huguette Gaudreault
from Sutton, Louise Lemoine from Sacré-Coeur-de-Marie and Rozanna Miller
from Plant City (Florida). The Paquin & Caron field guide has been won by
Sylvie Bolduc from Mont-Saint-Grégoire.

The new mystery bird (no. Défi 20) can be seen at the following webpage
and in the magazine. A nice bird, isn't that ?

For participating, you only have to send me your identification of that bird
with your name and your postal address (for the purpose of sending your
prize if you win; nobody else will have your full address but I publish the
name of the winners with their city as you have seen above). I like, also,
that you tell me why you are identifying the bird like you do, but that's
not required. When writing the "official" answer for the magazine, I always
quote some of the received answers. Some of you have been already quoted
there. For sure, you can send your answer in English (the magazine is in

The last date for sending your answer is October 10th.

I hope you will send your answer. Please, don't include my message with your
answer; I have to print each one.

Be happy...

     Sainte-Julie, Qc
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N'oubliez pas d'identifier l'oiseau mystère :
Don't forget to identify the mystery bird at :

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