What a noisy little bugger! And cute too!
The wonderful Myiarchus sagrae was present in it’s previously described
location. I watched it make its rounds from the interior of the hammock, out
to the fig trees (Ficus aurea), into a Lancewood (Nectandra coriacea) where
it took a little nap (ie. I couldn’t find it....but when I finally heard it
call again 15 minutes later, it was in the same spot where I had lost it),
and then into the Live Oaks (Quercus virginiana) where it fed on inch worms.
It called at each stop, both right before flying, and right after landing
(thanks to all who described the call- the high “wheet!” gave away the bird’
s location as soon as I arrived in the park). The under-tail lacked any
significant rufous when perched, and the bird appeared really small compared
to a Great-crested, and significantly smaller than an Ash-throated. Very
nice bird!!!!
I just hope it finds its way home’s kinda sad to hear it call and
not have anyone call back!

Miami, FL

David La Puma
Graduate Research : Conservation Biology
Florida International University
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"When DDT was first invented, my Dad brought some home -- there was a whole
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could -- it was supposed to be 'safe', it only killed bugs."
                                                              -Frank Zappa
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