Hi Florida Birders,

I am pleased to let you know that the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas maps are now available on the Florida Ornithological Society (FOS) web site ( Click on Breeding Bird Atlas on the home page and this takes you to a description of the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas project. Then click on Distribution Maps and you will see a list of over 200 species. Click on a species name to see the distribution map.

The maps depict breeding distributions of Florida birds recorded by volunteers working on the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas Project from 1986 to 1991. The Atlas project was conceived and promoted by Dr. Herbert W. Kale, II, chief ornithologist with Florida Audubon Society until his death in 1995. It is regrettable that Dr. Kale did not live to see the atlas project printed. Other people who helped organize data, motivate participants, and create maps, include Wes Biggs, Bill Pranty, and Dr. Brad Stith. Stuart Cumberbatch and Brian Millsap with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also helped to assemble the maps. There were hundreds of other people involved in this project, and a more comprehensive list of acknowledgments should appear in a final publication. The maps should be considered draft until a final publication appears.

The FOS is grateful for cooperation from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in making the maps available. Jim Cox prepared the maps for the FOS web site. FOS received generous support from the Price-Campbell Foundation, Barbara Passmore, trustee, for preparation of the maps for the FOS web site.

Have fun with the maps!


Peter G. Merritt, Ph.D.
President, Florida Ornithological Society
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