i saw two pairs of adult bald eagles today at 3:45 at BCC Cocoa Campus above the nature trail. my first bald eagles of the fall. i also had the following:

ovenbird                            brown thrasher
brown thrasher                   yellow rumps
black vulture                      blue gray gnatcatcher
mockingbird                       white ibis
sandhill cranes                  praire warbler
cardinals                           red bellied woodpeckers
crows                                boat-tailed grackles
catbird                               palm warbler
common yellow throat         worm eating warbler
kestrel                               black and white warbler
eastern wood peewee

the white ibis, even if they are common to our area, when you see a flock of them and they are flying in a missing man formation, it gets me inside everytime i see it. has anyone heard from Bill and Shirley Hills? they posted daily last year on sightings at Turkey Creek Sanctuary and i haven't seen them post anything in a while.

good luck,

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