Can someone post the link to the web page?

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Subject: Re: DEED 707

Frank just e-mailed me that it will be offered this spring (2002).

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>I have been trying to get information on this course.  I have previewed it
>the web page and followed up with an email in early October, but received
>response.  Does anyone know how I might find more information about when it
>be offered and the cost?  It's good to know that it comes recommended.
>Certainly the information on the web site made it appealing.
>Thanks for any information anyone has.
>Salina Renninger
>Learning and Academic Skills Center
>University of Minnesota
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>Andra Dorlac wrote:
>> FYIK - For those LRNASST colleagues who are interested in an online
>> I would highly recommend Frank Christ's DEED 707 course offered through
>> Grambling University.  It has been titled Organization and Administration
>> Learning Assistance Centers.
>> The texts are widely recognized in the field, and Frank provides a wealth
>> great references and resources.  The course is structured well and very
>> comprehensive.  My favorite part were the virutal scholars, well-known
>> experts in the field, who participated in the Discussion Board with the
>> class enrollees each week.   He also has plans for a couple of other
>> courses, one on teaching study skills and learning center management, I
>> believe.  I hope to be able to take these, also.