I thought about the para-professional term, but I looked it up and that term
means help for professionals. However, aren't there para-professionals in
the legal profession?

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I agree with you. Because we have an extensive training and certification
program, I am more inclined to call our tutors professionals. At the very
least, we refer to them as para-professionals.


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>I don't mean to take this discussion off on a tangent topic, but
>Barbara made a comment that got me to thinking when she said
>that her program uses "professionals as tutors."
>I consider peer tutors professionals.  I even refer to them as such
>to the faculty.  After all, they are trained, paid tutors working in an
>academic capacity at a university.  I understand the difference that
>Barbara is making, but I'm just curious how the rest of you perceive
>your tutors' roles; do you consider them professional? pseudo-
>professional?  student-workers?
>Jeff Elliott
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>Academic Assistance and Resource Center
>Stephen F. Austin State University
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