The following position is available at National-Louis University in Chicago,
Illinois.  If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested,
please contact Jadwiga Piper, Interim Director Center for Academic
Development (CAD) at [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  for further

Math Program Coordinator

Reports to the Director of the CAD


*       Coordinate math assistance for all CADs (with assistance of CAD site

*       Develop and implement instructional component and materials to
supplement the math curriculum in collaboration with the Math Department.

*       Develop and implement or coordinate computer assisted instructional
component to supplement the math curriculum.

*       Develop supplemental instruction component to supplement courses
offered by the Math Department and implement on a quarterly basis.

*       Develop and continuously evaluate assessment measures for the
various math components (course or courses described in above paragraph,
supplemental instruction, Basic Math Skills Workshop, tutor training).

*       Develop or coordinate research and evaluation of the various math
related instructional or tutoring components.

*       Identify developmental students based on math placement results and
in collaboration with the Math Department develop individually prescribed
program of math assistance.

*       Provide direct assistance to students preparing for the Basic Skills
Math Workshop

*       Deliver Basic Skills Math Workshops on a quarterly basis, or find
and train instructors to teach workshop, for all Chicagoland NLU campuses

*       Maintain and continuously evaluate curriculum materials for Basic
Skills Math Workshop.

*       Provide tutor training workshops on a quarterly basis for math peer
tutors and learning specialists at all appropriate sites.

*       Assess students and work with Math Department and, when applicable,
Learning Disabilities Specialist, to develop individually prescribed program
of math assistance.

*       Order and maintain resources useful in tutoring mathematics,
including books and mathematics manipulative.

*       Order or collect from Math Department books currently used by
instructors in the Math Department.

*       Collect and maintain on a current basis syllabi from instructors in
the Math Department.

*       Obtain referrals for math peer tutors from instructors in the Math
Department (in collaboration with the CAD coordinator)

*       Serve as liaison to Math Department

*       Mentor graduate students in math strand of the Master of Adult
Education: Developmental Studies Program.

*       Mentor peer tutors under CAD peer tutor mentoring program.

*       Schedule and organize study groups to supplement courses in the math

*       Work closely with Learning Disabilities Specialist to develop
techniques for tutoring learning disabled students in mathematics.

*       Act as on-going resource, support and mentor for math learning
specialists and peer tutors.

*       Evaluate math components of various placement tests and otherwise
serve as consultant on math related issues.

*       Work closely with Math Education Department regarding tutoring,
workshops and CAD resources related to Basic Skills Math Test and Math
Education curriculum.

*       Advise students during pre-registration process regarding enrollment
in developmental courses.

*       Develop and contribute to faculty handbook materials for math
tutoring component.

*       Provide math learning assistance to students through individual
tutoring, including evening hours.

*       Provide professional development workshops (in-service training) on
a periodic basis for adjunct instructors, learning specialists and peer

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