With 260+ abstracts in for Sunbelt XXII, it's time to be sure you have
your reservations at the Le Meridian Hotel. This is particularly important
if you are arriving on the 12th in order to attend the workshops. And,
don't forget to Register for Sunbelt!
        Here are some basics about the hotel, see for
full details (see "General Information").

    Le Meridien Hotel
    614 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
    Reservations: 1-800-543-4300 (toll free), or 1-504-525-6500.
    Fax: 1-504-525-1128

    Conference room rates are from $143 US (superior, single or double) to
$195 US  (deluxe, triple). Please note that these rates are in line with
hotel rates in major US cities, and that the Le Meridien is a luxury

   *** Be sure to mention the Sunbelt Conference to obtain conference
   *** Conference rates for the hotel are in effect from Feb.12 to 17th.

    *** Note that there are far fewer rooms reserved for Sunbelt on the
12th, which is still Mardi Gras, than on subsequent days. ***

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