Aaron Dantowitz and I've done this experiment once, and we deliberately
constrained it as an e-forward to one other person. Which copies Milgram
but doesn't use the power of the Net. It didn't show much -- almost
all nets petered out before they got to my Sacramento cousin Lloyd. As I recall,
Bill Richards was the first to achieve completion. We did discover a
westward forwarding pattern from Toronto towards Califronia, but this may
be because we didn't supply much other information about cousin Lloyd.

To use the power of the Net, you'd allow one person to forward to multiple
others, but this struck us as having mushrooming qualities which could
soon choke the net, just like the old send the kid in Georgia your
business card stuff, or the new Stuflbn.exe virus hoax.


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> Subject: 6 degrees of email connectivity?
> How would Milgram's experiment be different in the age of email?
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