You might also want to read Malcolm Galdwells the Tipping point.
It  has an interesting perspective on this subject.

Here is the URL for the book.


Jon  Schneider
First Tuesday Toronto

On 5/12/01 11:20 am, "Valdis" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> four steps...
> 1) go to the Google search engine and type in:  diffusion innovation "social
> network"
> 2) go to and read "Diffusion of Innovations" by Everett Rogers
> 3) go to and read "Network Models of Diffusion of Innovations" by
> Thomas Valente
> 4) after you have done all that, post any specific/detailed/interesting
> questions here.
> "Prabir G. Dastidar" wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Could you please let me know how social network analysis could be used for
>> addressing innovation diffusion issues.
>> Regards,
>> Prabir.