For starters,check:

Social Networks Vol 19, Number 1 (Jan 1997) Special issue on "Change in


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Subject: social change and networks

Dear fellow networkers,

I am putting together a literature review on the connection between
social change (broadly defined) and social networks.  I want to make
sure to cast as broad a net (no pun intended) and not overlook any
obvious (or less than
obvious) research.  The basic criteria for inclusion in this review is
research that explicitly addresses any of the following questions:

--How do social networks affect social change?
        including: how does network structure affect change?
                (such as but not limited to diffusion studies)
        and: how are networks mobilized to promote or resist social
                (such as but not limited to social movement research
                when it _explicitly_ discusses networks)

--How does social change affect social networks?
        including: how does change affect network structure?
                (also longitudinal studies of structure)
        and: how does change affect the way networks are used or

If any list members know of existing literature reviews connecting these
topics, please let me know.  I would hope to have input from fellow list
members or their colleagues (feel free to forward this on to them).

I will be glad to compile all contributions and send them to the list.
Feel free to reply off-list.

Thank you in advance,

Sarah Busse
Department of Sociology
University of Chicago
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