Dear social network analysts,

I am pleased to announce a new network analysis and visualization software.
Our company, Cyram Co., Ltd, has just released NetMiner for Windows version 1.0.0.

NetMiner is an innovative software tool for exploratory network data analysis and visualization.

Its unique feature lies in the integration of standard social network analysis methodology with modern network visualization techniques in the spirit of exploratory data analysis.

NetMiner allows network analysts to explore network data visually and interactively, based on the robust computation of standard social network analysis metrics.

Key Features :

- Integration of network analysis and network visualization in one software package
- Dynamic linking of network-analytic substance with network map
- Highly interactive user interface which supports quick exploratory data analysis
- Incorporates standard set of network analysis tools and data manipulation facilities
- Generalized data architecture makes it easy to model multi-layered network and inter-connections among relational, affiliation and attribute variables

Please visit our website ( for more information.

There is also a FREE version of NetMiner: NetMiner for Web.

It is a Java applet, so you can run it directly from the Web browser.
Now it is upgraded from beta release(0.99b) to official release(1.0.0).

Thank you for your interest.


Ghim, Ghi-Hoon
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