Hi Folks -

I'm looking for a simple dynamic web-based graph layout tool that can be
called with Perl or Java to plot small networks (less than 100 nodes or so)
on a web page.   Ideally, the layout would be some type of spring-embedder,
but once displayed, people should be able to move nodes around to get a
better look at things.

In an ideal world, one would also be able to associate partitions to the
nodes in the graph layout.  But at a minimum, it would be nice if one could
specify node attributes in the input file (size, color, shape).

The general procedure would be:
        1) Server sends a graph to the program
        2) Window pops up with the graph
        3) the graph unfolds using a spring-embedder
        4) users can then modify the layout as needed.

Since the graphs will be created and called dynamically from the web site,
I would prefer a method that does not take the user to some third party
page, but simply loads where they are.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

All the best,

James Moody
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Department of Sociology
Ohio State University
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