Greetings from Wales to one and all!

Any thoughts & advice on the following please:

Project CHAIN - Community Health Alliances thro Integrated Networks -
aims to develop network activity in health and social care over a 3-year

Extensive qualitative research (locally) indicates lack of mutual respect
between professions as a major barrier to the networked integration of care.
Interventions centred on improving mutual respect are one issue. However,
the need to measure changes in mutual respect is the reason for this
message. What about this:

-       Consider sub-professions as network nodes. E.g, community nurses,
hospital nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, general
practitioners, hospital consultants, and so on.
-       Survey all members in all sub-professions locally (we are able to
access and mail-shot all these due to the research arrangements). Use
Likert-type scales for each respondent to record their impression of (i) the
level of mutual professional respect within their own sub-profession; (ii)
their level of respect for other sub-professions; (iii) the level of respect
accorded their sub-profession by others.(Also, trust and commitment, for
instance, could be included)
-       Process data. Crudely, calculate means and s.d's. as respect scores
and set up adjacency matrices.
-       Use, say, UCINET to generate a network representation(s) of
professional mutual respect. However, rather than point nodes, we would want
to represent the sub-professions as discs whose size indicated the 'internal
density of respect'. This is because: some professions might have
particularly high levels of internal mutual respect and low levels of
respect for other professions and we would want to explore this. That is, we
want to represent both internal and external characteristics on one graphic.

-       Repeat exercise in two years.
-       Compare two network representations as one change indicator.

I can see (methodo)logical problems with this - but are they insurmountable?

This may be a bit of a distraction pre-New Orleans but comments much
appreciated please.

Thanks, nick.